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Quicken 2011 Not Opening Last Quicken Data File (QDF) Used

August 11, 2012 Leave a comment

I recently installed Windows 8 RTM onto my laptop.  Quicken 2011 R8 successfully installed and I as able to open my most recent QDF file without any issues.  However, the next time I opened Quicken, and every time after that, it presented me with the “Select your existing data file to get started” default screen rather than re-opening the last open file:


I re-opened Quicken again but with ProcMon running.  I noticed that it was successfully reading my directory of Quicken save files but in the end it was failing to open my QDF file because it was using the wrong file name.  It had truncated it to a shorter 8.3 filename and since a file doesn’t exist by that name it fails to open it:

I don't actually keep my Quicken files at C:\Quicken, but changed it for this image to make it simpler. =)

This was a regression in behavior from running Quicken 2011 R8 in Windows 7 SP1 where I was using the same file at the same directory without any issues.

To workaround this I renamed my original QDF file from “RyanR Quicken Data.QDF” to “RyanR.QDF” so the filename was 5 characters long– less than or equal to 8.   I then re-opened Quicken, chose the renamed file, and then exited Quicken.  The next time I launched Quicken it successfully opened the last open QDF file.

From this Intuit forum thread it seems that this is a known issue with Quicken.  I just don’t know why I never saw this problem until now.

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