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IP Camera Alternatives to Dahua, Hikvision, or Huawei?

November 17, 2019 Leave a comment

Where’s my IP camera made?

Starting August 13th, 2019 the National Defense Authorization Act banned the US government from procuring cameras from Dahua, Hikvision, and Huawei.

The upside of this attention is it brought light to the fact that many security camera brands had popped up over the years with variable quality with poor to no ongoing firmware updates for discovered security issues. Mostly as a consumer it made searching for “network cameras” in Amazon or Newegg a terrible process as it was difficult to filter out quality brands from dead-end and potentially security-compromised ones. That many of these cameras were just re-labeled cameras produced by Dahua or Hikvision using SoCs by Huawei is a different matter.

However, if you’re looking for cameras not associated with Dahua, Hikvision, or Huawei, try the manufacturers/brands below. I learned about these researching into the brands I currently use like Hikvision, Reolink, TRENDnet, etc..

Brand Amazon Search Made By or SoC Made By NDAA Compliant? Country of Origin
American Dynamics Amazon Made by Tyco Security Products now Johnson Controls Yes (some cameras) Ireland
Arecont Vision Amazon OEM Yes USA
Avigilon Amazon Made by Motorola Yes Canada
Axis Communications Amazon Soc is Axis-developed ARTPEC Yes (though SMB cameras use Huawei HiSilicon) Sweden
Hanwha (i.e. Samsung WiseNet) Amazon SoC is Hanwha-developed Wisenet chips, e.g. Wisenet 5 Yes South Korea
Honeywell (not Performance Series) Amazon Made by Vivotek Yes
Taiwain country of origin
Illustra Amazon Made By Tyco Security Products now Johnson Controls Yes (some cameras) Ireland
Pelco Amazon ? Yes USA
Ubiquiti Amazon Soc is Ambarella, USA Yes USA
Vivotek Amazon SoC made by VATICS, spun out of Vivotek in 2007 Yes (some cameras) Taiwan

If you’re looking for a larger list of cameras and brands including those made by or with parts from Dahua, Hikvision, or Huawei, see this Google Sheets workbook here.

Dahua-made Cameras

Dahua OEM Directory 6 NOV 2019

Hikvision-made Cameras


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